2017 Year of the Rooster Annual Forecast



Year of the Fire Rooster 2017.




In this forecast for 2017 we will address the areas of life as well as a few note

worthy points for next year. To begin with let us look at the aspects for the


A Yin year, with a fire Rooster. You are Rooster when born in the

following; 1921,1933,1945,1957,1969,1981,1993,2005,2017,2029. Rooster

can be confident, beautiful, a leader, talkative, vane, active and joyful with a

vigour for life, as well as honest, bright, ambitious, fashionable, independent,

self respecting, quick minded and eccentric.

Auspicious colour tones for 2017 include pink, lavender and yellow.

Stepping into the year ahead, the key points are being grounded, finding

authentic beauty, acknowledgement of details, shout it from the roof top if its

from God self, as in sacred. Flap your wings when you feel injustice is

present, bearing in mind growing of your own perspective to engage a multi

dimensional component, you wont get what you want from just demanding

and being lazy. Scratch the surface. Apply this to your thinking, your being

and your environment. We are at the precipice of expression, realizing the

grounded cost of efficacy the industrial revolution gave, with the onslaught of

mass information. The speed this created brings a dawn called into focus with

the crow of the Rooster. I pose that the experience of male energy in each of

us, is about to awaken with the gentle lilt of its female voice entwined

willingly. Changing the landscape regarding health especially with

consideration to loneliness, depression, autism, mental health, and into the

broader sense of diversity in union within communities, societies and

countries. The flip side of globalisation, for we are unable to face the position

of what it has brought to few, being the only benefit. The resonance is

beginning now, with the Rooster. It will call to the core of each of us and the

diversity of our responses will have us real-ing for just a moment, think

Trump winning or is it showing his truth in declaration, on a larger scale to

embolden his patriarchal legacy? Like it or not, is not part of his agenda,

your feelings are only a tool for an outcome, time to wake. No?

For some it will take an experience to see, allowing others to work on patience

and the fact that as one species we advance together in understanding the

consequence of action or non. Disruption, scratching the surface is an old

fashioned notion that repeats, because it works. Old fashioned can easily be

termed as relevant, present, opportunity. Take your pick, this is a mealier of

information. It is not singular, for example, Trump as we all know is not the

only mindset of his like, and we are not the only ones not accepting our part

in this outcome. It all works or is dysfunctional together. We all work

together or we are all dysfunctional together, we are one.

We are a work in progress together, in time, space, in moment.

The Fire Rooster, is a birth of questions, cultivated from an over aggressive

past that is ungrounded and eager to be the ego over the eco. The self on high,

over the system. The authority, over the mass. Broken down this means that

all efforts of the mass go up to the authority. Broken down is what we saw in

abundance last year. This year we are introduced into creating a flip side to

this secular abundance. Hence we have had a lack of leadership. Leadership

walks with, has done the job of janitor and therefore respects the

groundedness of physical labour, its beauty for what it gives.

If we are to find the Golden Age, again, it will not be without authenticity, cooped

by the masses to include diversity, shared abundance and foresight with

community matters like health, transport, energy etc. The motto is

prevention ahead of cure. This brings to bear mindfulness, rounding us back

into mental health, body, mind and spirit IQ. as well as, how we hold it. This is

the feminine balance. It does not wish to be overbearing, that does not

encourage, it drives ambitiously to grow, maturing as the sun does

throughout the day to be able to surrender in peace at sunset. Being present

the next morning as the Rooster crows.

Where and when will you be watching?

Summer – A wet summer will lead us gently into the Rooster. It is present

with an air of the old, a hint of the past, a memory that is comforting to allow

us a transition to cultivate grace and dignity to address challenges as they are

drawn to the surface with the heat of summer. Clarity and purpose entwined

with memory. Lending an air of confidence and the right to have it breath.

Objectivity that is developed here will be adding sustainability through the

rest of the year. Drawing out deep fear to soften and resolve to heal rather

than bully and push through.

Dehydration, coughs, illness racking the body, rack and ruin in the body

literally or in the organisation for example the culture racked the office into a

state of paranoia. Keep in mind this is a time of harvest meaning these

experiences are an opportunity to engage with a God self day to day, be

mindful of this when deciding where you want to go and how you want to get

there. Integrity will serve you well.

Autumn – The bearer of discernment, aiding health, stable centres and deep

cleansing with great consideration. This applies to addictive behaviours,

natures and habits. A good time to reserve the use of hedonism to face the

withdrawal and removal of addiction by looking deeply at self and walking

towards healing, resolve and new action. Walking into deep meditation

aligning with a future of God self, in your day to day.

Outbursts from deep seated pain, confusion, recognition of deceit, a lesson in

hypocrisy, is aided by working to clear the mind to try to see a story of how I

got myself here and accepting responsibility.

Winter – The Death of Winter is a great stillness. The natural progression are

you aware of your own bearing? Can you be quiet internally to hear it? This

winter is for you to enjoy solidarity, in all its forms. Solid in one form.

Check your documents, terms, contracts, agreements and read the fine print.

Get the best advice you can. Encourage yourself to take the wise path,

remember sustainability and the long-term ability to thrive, over pace.

Function over form, when considering mergers and bed-fellows. Hidden

agendas happen here. Scratch the surface whether you are the investor or


Spring – The neutral zone, melting, sunshine and breath. Tentative steps for

shedding, growth and activation. The transition begins. Activation of

medicine, what the soul requires for nourishment. Liberation from rules to

reasons and purpose, with the exclusion of posing.

Respect and communication are at play here. Look for fresh ideas and

concepts. Assessment and tweaking of concepts in practical application,

especially regarding areas of fall out and lack. Mergers of larger global

organisations, major shifts in stock markets as Europe goes through border

and law changes to try and manage financial shifts, geographical plates

shifting, starting to see the true agenda of governments on a more blatant and

large scale. The depth of the collective heartbreak will be felt this year.

Politically – Barcelona and Catalonia will be at the centre of shifts regarding

Madrid, Spain. The financial epicentre of the globe, now has a new driving

force coming, these shifts will still include France and China having an

alliance [from an older forecast], as well as issues around Tehran, Egypt and

Switzerland. If we seek a perspective of China being the Mind, India the Spirit

and Russia the Body, we are close to the landscape of how new world terms

will be determined. The EU will transgress with regard to new boundaries due

to the Brexit being the beginning as Spain plays out and the boundaries shift

as the land [and moneyed territories] grab happens. Showing the glaring real

face of how the world is managed and how far governing bodies are prepared

to go to transgress even within their own countries. NATO is up for major

upheaval and dissection, with more information being made public and the

major players loosing traction in power, as other alliances foster outside of

the organisation. They will begin to turn more fervently on themselves to

feed the ever hungry and dominant desires. Leading to more blatant

exposure of behaviours and plans.

The Black and Caspian Sea’s play a part in this for the countries and

resources they create either in transport of resources, people and access

points. The Paris metro may also have security issues, with the numbers 8

and 11 appearing here, the Americas [as in the corporate conglomerations

that are the driving force with the government] will more forcefully trespass

against their own people, initiating something similar to a 3rd world existence

day to day for more and information will be leaked regarding this and its

unconstitutional edges. Civil issues and the women’s movement in Tehran

and Cairo, with Turkey, Greece and Egypt once again creating a holy trinity of

land and events well into August. Likely areas for events may include;

Jerusalem, Damascus, Adana, Izmir, Athens, Mersin, Diyarbakir, Tripoli,

Missolonghi, Agrinio, Patrus, Tobruk, Marsa Matruh.

Overall Outlook – Find the healthiest viewpoint to look at circumstances and

work to decisions and processes from here, create terms over being

henpecked or feeling at the mercy of an external force. Stay grounded in your

enterprises and keep well-being and pace at the forefront of your self

management for body, mind and spirit… avoid burnout. For business this can

mean over expansion to rapidly or over stretched resources financial or

otherwise. Make sure you check the details. Be prudent with negotiations

and money.

Most importantly I feel is the outlook of not taking it all personally or having

a negative outlook as your default, work on finding your advantage option and

settle information under this mantle.

Best of energies, health and prosperity for you in the coming year.




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