What is CMC?


If you saw a facebook post I shared earlier, with the injected shrimp here is a little bit of information regarding the basis of the suspension they use to inject to add weight and increase the price per weight ratio…Costing you more.


Improve texture, stabilize foam (beer), prevent fruit from settling, prevent sugar from crystallizing (cake icings), bind water: Ice cream, beer, pie fillings and jellies, cake icings, diet foods.

Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is a thickening agent that is made by reacting CELLULOSE (wood pulp, cotton lint) with a derivative of acetic acid (the acid in vinegar). It is also called cellulose gum.

CMC has long been considered safe, but a 2015 study funded by the National Institutes of Health raised some doubts. It found that both CMC and another emulsifier (polysorbate 80) affected gut bacteria and triggered inflam­matory bowel disease symptoms and other changes in the gut, as well as obesity and a set of obesity-related disease risk factors known as metabolic syndrome. In mice that were predisposed to colitis, the emulsifiers promoted the disease. It is possible that polysorbates, CMC, and other emulsifiers act like detergents to disrupt the mucous layer that lines the gut, and that the results of the study may apply to other emulsifiers as well. Research is needed to determine long-term effects of these and other emulsifiers at levels that people consume.

CMC is not absorbed or digested, so the FDA allows it to be included with “dietary fiber” on food labels. CMC isn’t as healthful as fiber that comes from natural foods.  [Exert from 2015 Study Results].

This chemical compound is normally formed with wood pulp and cotton liners, however in this form and in the micelle form it is softer and more malleable for a greater variety of products for the this scope to reach from lubricant for drilling, to cosmetics and food.  Below, the links lead to a variety of information and resources so you can explore where this may be in your home.  When using EWG you can type in your specific product by name and if it’s on their database it will give you the score and information when you click on the product name.  Be mindful that these compounds do accumulate in the body over time, can have a higher absorption rate depending where on the body it is applied and for how long and also that babies to teens have an absorption rate at least 5 times higher than an adult.

Facebook article on Shrimp [scroll down]

Chemical Compounds Recovery Info

Breakdown what the components are on micelle level and what that means. [You might want to check this out if you use Micellar Water products].

EWG database for Products with Cellulose Gum.

MSDS Material Safety Data for CMC


Information from professionals regarding side effects.


Chemical Structure and lab/mouse results.

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