What is CMC?

If you saw a facebook post I shared earlier, with the injected shrimp here is a little bit of information regarding the basis of the suspension they use to inject to add weight and increase the price per weight ratio...Costing you more.   CARBOXYMETHYL CELLULOSE (CMC, CELLULOSE GUM), SODIUM CARBOXYMETHYL CELLULOSE  Improve texture, stabilize foam (beer), … Continue reading What is CMC?

Last Chance December Goodies

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A little Beat

https://youtu.be/JViDEPJBBq0 Take a moment this Thursday afternoon... grab a cup, let your mind relax, and take a listen to a cool remix, courtesy of Miss Jessie J 😉   rubybrown888.com

Scientists Say Women Need To Stop Wearing Bras Immediately

It has been stated in other research that wearing a bra increases your chance of breast cancer and cysts by 80%.  Here are more results that don't support wearing a bra... Source: Scientists Say Women Need To Stop Wearing Bras Immediately

Finding Centre

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Obama Signs Vaccination Executive Order

This one is worth the read no matter where you are... Obama Vaccination Signed Ruby Brown 888

Good Vibes Prepare to Sway :)

https://youtu.be/BZ0e-JFXJMg A good vibe for you to groove to this afternoon, be inspired and find some tunes to work, clean, sing and dance to. RubyBrown888