What’s In A Healing?


Wondering what happens in a healing?  

Lets set the picture, can you imagine an old fashioned telephone switchboard.


The lines are your energy systems through the body, when used a lot, a lot of calls come in for energy, thinking, movement, digestion, problem solving then the energetic switch board handles and distributes all the calls.  When the system is overloaded, tired or crashing due to the amount of calls that require answering and even crossed wires due to missed connections for restoration, soulful fulfilment or even physical contact, then things can get sluggish, no one picks up and messages are not taken properly or relayed.

When we do a healing your body is the switch board and I am the ‘Operator’ who takes the calls and sees where they are connected to, how this connection is working and if it is correct for the call.  This is alignment.  During a healing the clarity of the line, the integrity of it and its health are also addressed and discussed as needed.  This in turn allows for better vitality as lines are clear and connected for better and improved function. You are then able to feel present, think clearly, communicate calmly and articulately, as well as balanced appetites, better sleeping patterns, feeling energised for regaining consistency for exercise and feeling lighter emotionally.  These outcomes are regularly mentioned by Clients who have had a healing consultation.  It can support you if you are a Mum looking after little ones, an employee in a busy work place, or an Executive or Business Owner, who has to wear a lot of hats.  

It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing if you can, otherwise, remember to take of your jewellery and undo any tight clothing or bands, this allows your body to maximise the results.  Healing can be for children, teens and adults, it is okay if you are pregnant or in a health program for clinical treatments, this approach is to support the body, mind and spirit connections to have the body optimised for self healing and this can include being in a state of acceptance to make the most of other treatments and modalities.  This is also non intrusive.  

Previously my Clients have included, pre and post natal mothers, people in cancer treatment, recovery from accidents for example in a car, retail employees who deal with the public day to day, public speakers who may have anxiety or want to be radiant with vital energy and those with age related discomfort.

If you would like to discuss if our December 15th offer is of benefit and how it works, please use the link below, all enquiries are welcome.

Ruby Brown 888 Contact

Ruby Brown 888 Healing Dates







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