Welcome to Trumpville


As we feel the heat of watching a political shift world wide not only with US election results, also with China changing its position within the global economy, the uncertainties that people are feeling and shifts yet to come, I would offer this perspective to those who are in business and those wondering where to from here.

Please consider that the leadership by Trump will in my estimation not be one of transparency, it will herald a great age of education, be it from the desire to know your rights, to look for hope or to work towards a result of this kind not being replayed, remember he can go for reelection at the end of this term.  Keeping education in mind, this is relevant across the US and elsewhere as we have been shaken by watching the outcome of a deliberate distraction campaign winning the day.  With many left in feelings of disillusionment and others believing a good change has arrived, I would counsel that at this point we are all in for a shock as the reality sinks into our day to day.  The reality of a leader who will not be transparent, who will lie to our faces and do as he, his party or those he is bidding for create a climate that is in their best interests.  For those who voted from a place of already feeling disenfranchised and without a voice, I say to you, consider that this was counted on to stir up a win for a person and perhaps a party at large who will no longer listen now any more than they did before, who will thank you for any ignorance and lack of understanding about what you were actually going to be given, take your vote and go do as they please.

It is my state of mind that we are all on the same end of the stick, no matter who you voted for or for what reasoning.  As ignorance and a belief in a system that is largely stacked in their favour not ours, is applied to our due diligence of voting, to sink, confuse and disconnect the masses [us], from being inspired, from trusting those that lead in government, from wanting to create change, yes even though the large majority voted for change.  I ask you to consider… is it actual change?  Or is it distraction for an unclear agenda at your expense and with your willing cooperation?  Here, there, everywhere?

It appears that as we all desire to move forward and create thriving lives, that this will not be possible if we are driven by a bully mentality or, an I want it better than them spirit.  While improvements and upgrades in lifestyle, luxuries and finances are all good goals, if it comes in a culture of me, me, me, I put it to you that not only is this not good for you as an individual or a group, it will not last.  The ripple effect of this culture is what we are looking at and dealing with right now, no matter where you are, your occupation, your spiritual path or wishful thinking, I say this resonates amongst us all.  We are in this together, the official end of Hype and the flip side to the industrial revolution.

As we gather our spirits, mentalities and willingness to be engaged, remember, all things are possible.  This is in fact how we got here, and it will require the spirit of co creation to move on and recompose.  Remember this is the Presidency of transition as we walk into the final stage of this 20 year age in Feng Shui terms, to begin again, there are many who have not taken upon themselves to work through and engage in being uncomfortable, as this is energetically speaking where we are, so it comes to us to wake up through major and even traumatic events.  This age ends in 2024, so Trump is our transition President, to then lead into the final change over of the last four years and the President of this governmental term.

The vantage point to walk into the next year and next four if your looking under Trump leadership, is to find the opportunity.  The cornerstone to surviving and having the where with all to create and build and evolve into a developing and tolerant race with less aggressive lifestyles desensitised into war as business as usual, to more of alignment, calm and thriving creation to include diversity, find your opportunities to see blessings in the uncomfortable, wake your and cultivate education.

Many blessings as we walk forward, Ruby.









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