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Hello Peeps,

I will be sharing a forecast for 2017 shortly, but before then I thought we could touch on the current 2016.


Annual Forecast for Year of the Fire Monkey with Ruby Brown 888.


Gung Hei = congratulations Fat Choy = prosperous, become wealthy Together it means “wish you the best of wealth” “Happy New Year”.Starting in February, we welcome the year of the fire Monkey.

The traits exhibited by Monkey include dexterity, intelligence, self assured, sociable, lively, flexible, quick, versatile, gentle, honest, economic, innovative. In an extreme state these traits can become impetuousness, snobbery, jealous, suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant, cut throat ambition. The flower for this year is chrysanthemum and the colours are white, gold and blue. Colours to avoid are black, grey and dark coffee and brown. Our Chinese New Year begins February 8, 2016. The Monkey is the 9th animal in the Chinese zodiac. Our key characteristics are mental and relate to ambition, activity, being smart, mischief and adventure. Power balances and the moving sands of geo-political landscapes will continue to transform with more ‘new and unseen before’ experiences. As a people being comfortable with discomfort will aid our voices and desires being addressed and included by the powers that be. August will be a month of major upheaval. To be seen as ‘while they were sleeping’, however this will be made public and a large outcry will be heard. Areas of potential dis ease include, central nervous system, brain, heart, shoulder, eye, lips and inner spirit/drive. Industries of wealth, transformation and development this year include finance, energy, entertainment, cooking, restaurants. The globalisation movement of the 80’s will be seen for what it was always going to be, this year. The public’s recognition and response to this will have increased activity. Excessive water and fire damage will continue. We are already seeing this with Thailand, Victoria and Tasmania. Travelling safely and countries to watch include India – into the Banda Sea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Uzbekistan, United States, Libya, New Zealand, Ukraine, Budapest, Japan and Norway.

From last years forecast the continued development of France and China coming together for political reasons in still in play. Canada in the North West of the country will have indigenous movement and Hudson Bay to Baffin Bay will have geographical shifts also, particularly in Foxe Basin. In business timeliness is paramount, but should include due diligence and not be rushed. Check all agreement details and that clarity around definitions and terminology are communal. Finance continues to be destabilised, with the disintegration of traditional models. The stock market will bounce around until this time next year with stability lasting at most 6 weeks, this comes as once only, the rest of our year will incorporate takeovers and the end of many.

Through our seasons for this year the overriding areas to address are –

Late Summer – over indulgence, over extension financially and physically in particular. Boundaries of others and our own. Gossip, whispers carry, keep it clean. Fatigue and burnout particularly with the Central Nervous System, Mental Health, Emotional Balance which includes the glands meaning conditions like Chrones, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Post Partum Depression and Bipolar. Addictions are also an issue here.

Autumn – the shadow releases and those uncomfortable with the current state of affairs and not wanting to look at dealing with the self will lend their behaviour to schemes, quick fixes and rushing deals, back handed ambition and compliments, gossip and avoiding moving to purpose. Challenging the balance by being ungrounded will have an impact here and play towards unnecessary fatigue of all sorts. Attention to grooming and immunity are well advised here. Staying grounded. Resisting the temptation of demanding and acting out will support the digestion, fluid balance and acid balance in the body and group. Group morale and balance of voices will be relevant here.

Winter – memory, rest and restoration will remain in balance as will energy levels if you are resting regularly and in line with best practise. A ritual of unwinding for sleep will support you here. To decrease anxiety and discernment with awareness and issues regarding wealth, materialism and status as in the well being of all in a community are paramount during this season. Desperation and lack of security may lead to an increase in robbery and loss. As people try to stay on stable ground or deny change the outcry will be loud and possibly obnoxious, understanding and cultivating a perspective of seeing the this as the last cry of the dying of old and outdated beliefs and systems.

Spring – in the transition to spring, September, there will be a last burst of the old beliefs letting go to find a new life in set spring, October. Raw foods and fresh herbs are a great addition to the table, fresh flowers in the home or office. As we enter a period of growth it is important to recognise new beliefs, understandings, deeper interpretations and updates, and how to implement them into a working part of your life.

Summer – play with creativity and extend into new areas of your world, this does not solely apply to work or productivity. It will add to success to include expression, communication, relationships and desire. True success here is related to infusion of fear into a working part of the whole. Addressing accepting new ways, possibilities and an intuitive knowledge of which opportunities to accept for travelling toward your goals.

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