What’s In A Healing?

Wondering what happens in a healing?   Lets set the picture, can you imagine an old fashioned telephone switchboard. The lines are your energy systems through the body, when used a lot, a lot of calls come in for energy, thinking, movement, digestion, problem solving then the energetic switch board handles and distributes all the … Continue reading What’s In A Healing?

Feel Restored

Want to find the Golden Feeling within.  Ruby has an offer for you, follow the link below. Thrive and feel vital!  Happy Holidays! Healing with Ruby Brown 888 Ruby Brown 888

Your Gift These Holidays

Feel the need to stop and smell the flowers.  Ruby Brown 888 has a great deal for December so you can thrive and feel restored.  Please use the link below to find out more 🙂                     Happy Holidays! Healing with Ruby Brown 888 RubyBrown888.com

Feeling Good

Interested in surviving the holidays with yourself in tact and energised.  Hoping to handle work, family and kids?  Wanting to feel present? If so Ruby has a great offer for you in December, for more details and how to purchase your appointment, please use the link below. Happy Holidays! Healing with Ruby Brown rubybrown888.com

Welcome to Trumpville

As we feel the heat of watching a political shift world wide not only with US election results, also with China changing its position within the global economy, the uncertainties that people are feeling and shifts yet to come, I would offer this perspective to those who are in business and those wondering where to … Continue reading Welcome to Trumpville

Come Find Your Moment Of Zen

Hi Peeps, We are doing a great treat for December.  Empowering you to be able to make it through the holiday season with sanity and energy in tact.  This 45 minute experience is available in conjunction with The Revival Lounge, our partner for healing, conveniently located in Brisbane CBD.  There are 9 bookings available, to … Continue reading Come Find Your Moment Of Zen

A Little Groove :)

https://youtu.be/qqrvm2XDvpQ A little love and a lot of fun x rubybrown888.com