Down To Business.


Keeping your eye on the prize is what we all try to do, be it for an employer or as an employee.  When we are in the work environ, often we forget to remember that luxury and how we feel has a real place.  

Stay with me for a moment and if you will, step into your daydream space.  While we are sitting in this arena, take a couple of deep breaths and open your mind.  Quiet the race of completion and busy, think instead of productivity, creation for success and breathability.  How does this translate into your current work environ?  Is it present, can you feel it?  Quiet the voice of, ‘this type of thinking doesn’t make money’.  This my friends is getting down to business.  Call it the business of success, profit, landing where you aim, it all as they say leads to Rome.  While we walk in our daydream space, imagine a little sunshine, comfortable, well lit and just enough to get you smiling.  Whether your imagining a forest, a beach, your deck in your comfy chair, or lying in bed with your head under the covers, think about the detail.  Details, get into your details, the scent, the feel of the sun, the shadow the tree casts, the lap of the water, the ahhh when you land into your chair, the comfort of turning off the world by pulling the covers up, the darkness and the feeling of shelter.  

Incorporate the luxury of where your centred to, where you feel safe.  Imagine having this with you when you step into your day to business.  Where are you luxuriating in your business, job, work.  Where do you enjoy it?  Where are you present?  Here is where you find the ‘getdown’.  If your getdown is lacking, find it in your daydream and cultivate towards having this with you in work, business, job.  There are aspects that are not your favourite and others that will be enjoyable, how you transcend between the two is eased with your getdown.  

As you alight from your forest, beach, chair or sheets, consider taking your getdown.  Remember today could be bring your getdown to work day 🙂

Ur Energy, Ur Luxury.  

Peace out, I’m off to go get down.  Ruby.

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