Alkaline the Benefits.


If you watched my last Vibe for October, you will remember that the pressure is on.  In light of that I thought I would discuss the aspect regarding diet and balance as when we are stressed, our diet and balance from food are often the first thing to shift and cause issue.  Coming back from stepping out of your eating plan to create optimum health and to keep your relationship with food in a place of peace, can be an added pressure in a time that is already full.  You will want the bliss of a balanced diet to keep your cool, stay mentally alert and happy to think and feel your way through whatever is happening and not for example allow depression, weight, anger or paranoia to take over and create another thing to do and clean up.

Here are my top 10 for coming back to balanced eating when the scales tip your eating patterns out of balance.

  1. Allow yourself a moment to say okay this situation is not the ideal in my mind.  Talk to yourself to create a loving space within yourself to address coming back to dietary balance.
  2. Trust yourself to make it back.  As most people will attest to, it take practice to maintain dietary balance, especially when your emotional and building a new relationship to loving your nourishment and self image, from any circumstance.
  3. Remove items from you kitchen/home that tempt you.  Cook prepared meals and freeze, make extra when cooking dinner and take it for lunch.  Give yourself the support to step toward to balanced eating.
  4. Drink more water, as clean as possible.
  5. If your into snacks, have them ready to go, leave some foods out of the fridge so you can see it and pick it up, raw food will give you more energy for less.  I leave carrots, snow peas, green beans, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and dates, bananas, oranges and pears on our kitchen table.  This works well with kids as well.  Set up a bowl on your work desk.  
  6. A cheat day can work, this is perhaps for those more set up in their dietary practice, I would recommend if your nervous, wait until you are more sure of your ability to stop.  Or find your healthy balance for example dark chocolate and combine it with chamomile tea.  
  7. Drink a lot of water. Take your water bottle with you.
  8. Address what is upsetting your balance as best you can, and if need be find support or professional guidance.
  9. Ask your body what it really wants when you feel hungry or crave a snack.
  10. Understand eating to nourish and fuel is a form of love.  Your radiance supports how people treat you and what you accept.  Your body is a temple of love.  You are the master in this sacred space.  Be gentle with you, take a step toward love, then take another and another and…:)  

You decide your relationships, keep it simple and enjoy what you eat.  Ultimately eating seasonally is the most fun.



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