The Inspiration In My Space.


To add creativity and fresh energy to any space, original art and prints are for me the key.  To add atmosphere and keep your inspiration travelling forward, think about original art and the prints that come from this, understanding that the artist is birthing an idea, an expression, a critique or an observed movement within their community to generate curiosity, assessment, expansion, connection.  These are just a few of the additions art brings to you.

Choosing to support yourself within your environment translates to how you fashion and reflect that which is internal.  To elude to your flavour and create atmosphere consider keeping it light, as in resonant with what moves you.  Take the time to consider if your response is aligned with a felt response to the pieces of art.  There is also the option to commission pieces when you find a particular artist that speaks to your resonance.

Over the last 4 weeks, I have been adding to the collections of works that will be added to our shop.  To view the prelude slideshow of these works, go here…


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