Feng Shui’s For Your Office.


When you walk into your office, work space, study area, be it in an office building or a work from home office, what do you see?  If this space belonged to another what would be your first impression? 

Are you thinking this place is cool, it would be great to work here, does it say I have faith here?  Is it I love the desk? These chairs are so comfy?  Or is it I can’t wait to get out of here, this was a mistake?  Opposite ends of the pendulum, but where in the middle is your space?

First off there are the obvious basics, keeping it clean, your degree of organisation and tidiness really does reflect the state of your mental space.  Working organisation yes, complete bomb site no.  Also daylight can be essential to productivity, if you have windows open them and exchange the air, allow yourself to see the temperature of the day and the path of the sun.  Keep rubbish in its place, regularly clean and dust as well as doing the washing up.  No one wants to see yesterdays lunch.  Look after your equipment, this will demonstrate to co workers and clients that you look after valuables, they are valuables.  It also demonstrates boundaries and self respect.  Have some elements to personalise the space, but nude photos, your washing and the drying mop are best left in back of house or at home.  These things demonstrate awareness; of your space, the people coming in and the comfort of all including yourself.

  • Be practical where it applies, example having the bin near the door so you regularly take it out.  Under the desk can apply but allow it to be visible to you for the reminder.  A recycling bin or station is a modern [old fashioned idea] that is a must.
  • Clear quartz, citrine, amber and fluorite on the top left of the desk.
  • Fresh flowers call in fresh energy, they are great if you have a foyer or even a table and chairs away from your desk for meetings.  Indoor plants for air quality are also a great addition.
  • Art works can be wonderful conversation pieces, place in areas where you will be meeting new people.
  • Clean up at the end of each day, it supports your mental health and the recognition of the shut down for the monkey mind to slow down.  This can also support appetite. Include relaxing activities here also like water plants, emptying vases for fresh flowers in the morning.  Set up surprises for staff.
  • If its not being used and not needed, put it in storage until it is needed.
  • Where possible place the phone on the bottom right of the desk for support, the top right for relationships with clients and family, or top left and middle top if your in sales.
  • Have an office chair that has a full length back to it, if possible to the same height or just over as your head, and face the door way.  Awareness also means looking at what is happening like people walking through the door.
  • Keep some clean lines and empty spaces, don’t allow clutter to take hold with the thought that you can just leave this stack here and come back later.  Clean lines add breathability to a space.  It relaxes.

If you like these ideas and would like more information specifically for your space, you can book a walk through, phone or skype discussion with Ruby.  To get in touch go here…  Ruby Brown 888

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