For a while, like it has for many, I have been wondering what has been proposed to Trump to get him interested in running for government?  As well as what is it they are getting in return?  Is it that the idea of a woman running the States has such little measure, that this was the best option?  Today it landed, Trump is the perfect fit for bankruptcy management.  A salesman of grand proportion to sell jazz hands and bankruptcy ain’t no thing is exactly what was ordered.   I’m not buying the Pneumonia diagnosis for Hillary Clinton either, I have had experience with this dis-ease and it does not leave the patient unable to walk, as seen in the video of this week.  I unfortunately think there is a health issue, but as for the general public finding this out before the election, not going to happen.  I feel it will be released after and if she does not win, then possibly to reinforce that the top seat is not the place for women, it the takes stamina that men can provide and perhaps with an edge of really it’s what the public want in terms of reassurance in the face they see running the country.  

For several months I have kept it to myself that I think Trump is going to get the job. Clinton’s health will then be made the issue and rally support for this family and then be roped into the overall arch of be good and don’t question your government.

All of this came to mind before I saw an article on Wisconsin and the shift in law here regarding needing a warrant to enter, search and seize private homes.  The political landscape is moving in unprecedented ways, I look forward to sharing my annual forecast for 2017.  For now I’m going to keep watching and questioning.

If you would like to see the Wisconsin article please visit here…Ruby Brown 888 [Fb].

All enquiries can find me here…rubybrown888.com

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