Feng Shui’s For Your Office.

  When you walk into your office, work space, study area, be it in an office building or a work from home office, what do you see?  If this space belonged to another what would be your first impression?  Are you thinking this place is cool, it would be great to work here, does it say … Continue reading Feng Shui’s For Your Office.

Sunday & Rain…

The perfect storm for me is a rainy Sunday.  Above are a few of the pieces I worked on this weekend, yes at the end I was running out of space to dry them.  Eventually these will be available on my website and soon on my shop... yeah!!  You can buy the originals, prints or … Continue reading Sunday & Rain…

Walk With Me… The Vibe September 2016.



For a while, like it has for many, I have been wondering what has been proposed to Trump to get him interested in running for government?  As well as what is it they are getting in return?  Is it that the idea of a woman running the States has such little measure, that this was … Continue reading T-Rumped?