Business of De Cluttering.

It can be the great paralyser or you can eat it before it eats you.

Let’s start with the beauty of clutter.  Yes it does exist and seeing it will make it all easier to de-stress and de-clutter.  Stress is part of how clutter can be created and it is also a result.  When your trying to find the beauty, look for a simple place to start… the balancing act of the stack of books, that has not toppled, that you managed to find any document, that you are still able to walk into the room, that this clutter has bought you as much time [distraction] as it could.  Remember that clutter can also apply to your computer, so there is no option to say but I’m paperless, so that’s not me.  Even on a desktop there can be clutter.

Step 1.  Stop thinking yourself away from doing anything about it.

Step 2.  Get up out of your chair, don’t sit down while you are cleaning up and out.

Step 3.  Work out drop options for what your moving.  For example; the bin/delete, donation, another room as in the coffee cups go to the dishwasher in the kitchen or the shredder for old documents that are no longer legally required.

office clutter
If you can’t put your finger on it, your mind is cluttered by the ego, imagine all the papers above are each sheet a shade of ego.  What are you not seeing or having full access to in each stack.  How many stacks?

How does if feel, so I know when enough is enough.

If you have to…

-move something to do an activity or sit down.

-can’t resolve anything when thinking it through.

-easily find an alternative option instead of starting your project.

-keep reminding yourself to do something when out of the office or away from the computer.

-you have trouble following your own method.

-feeling disempowered.

Time to flip the script.  Take in garbage bags, big ones, delete all previous back ups and only back up de-cluttered files.  Open all curtains and the windows.  Start with the rubbish that is sitting around.  Wash your crystals, dust the shelves, and stop thinking.  When it comes to files, if you have not opened it in 6 months drop it, if you are thinking you may need it and haven’t opened it in 6, start again, it’s time for the next edit complete.  

When it comes to bigger items like furniture, organise to take it outside under cover and for someone to pick it up before you start.  If your looking at people, organisations or suppliers, create a list and where possible use a blanket email to send out, keep it simple, be polite and thank them for the service provided to date.  At this point I would also add if it bothers you and no solution has come, let it go, person, file or item.  Create the space to support your mindset.  Style it to be as cohesive as possible. 

After, take a cup of tea or coffee, or a shot of whiskey 😉

and be in the new space, breath and relax into the next chapter, clutter free.

P.S. if you can’t get here, hire a professional and set up to work with them, this way you can do the intermediate steps and call them back annually to make the big one happen.

Think about the sigh of relief as you put your feet up and look around the new landscape.





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