What Do A Clairvoyant, Enterprise and Immunity Have In Common…


The answer is business, enterprise and ability to build immunity.

To add to the demonstration of my point, I have added the video below of Martin Reeves, TED talk regarding the 100 year business by building immunity.  My point though, is to address in your thinking and development for your enterprise, be it a tech start up, a freelance article or being the best service provider for your industry, cultivating an holistic approach to the health of yourself or that of your business.  Requiring relationship advancement over the long term, tech awareness and adaptability, dis ease perception, resource creativity often before its needed and to name one more of a few, balance, especially with matters of prudence, diversity and authenticity.

To lasso elements to a cohesive remedy to build a 100 year old business, static is not the option of the day.  To obvious you say, however, when it comes to consistency and long term gratification?  That is another matter, particularly when todays market is knocking on the door of all sectors calling you out, out of fear, out of the industrial revolution, out of your initial excitement for your concept, into in front of the board, audience, interviewer, camera or the one you are letting go of.  This is the state of play for the 100 year projection.  It is a longer glance and I would add, no longer is it forward or back, rather 360 degrees around.  This is where the Energetics Expert [Clairvoyant] has many things in common with the  professional paradigm.  Consider please, a 360 degree view, on all axis to include the surface, to the transition layer, into the sub dermal, through another transition and into the next layer and so on.  Consider above and below the horizon.  What if hidden in the mist of cloudiness was information to traverse with insight.  Insight to illuminate a landscape that shifts, as the modern one is and will to continue to do.

When I am looking at a building, a business, a home or an individual, even a team, it is with this 360 degree view.  It’s innate.  

If your personal or professional circumstances are calling for assessment to live longer, in fact thrive, dynamic thinking and subtle shaping of control and empowerment might be the remedy for the bullying of directive demands.

Check out the vid, Martin’s perspective is on the money for what is relevant.

 Interested in cultivating your 100 year legacy, check out…


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