I Census It’s Very Public.

emu kanga census


There seems to be so much to say and yet it’s a private topic, as well as information.  Make your own decision and take your own actions, but I do feel the need to ask, have you asked why?

In a time of all out distractions from Trump to The Bachelorette, it may be pertinent to do some critical assessment.  Yes, yes on the surface it does seam to be about the forward planning of a peoples, looking after their needs and supplying infrastructure for  all of us hard working souls [please read slaves], to hand over great quantities of details for the benefit of all.  I do have a question though, can you name a time where this happened as a result of handing over all this information?

When was the last time you looked at any politician and felt, they were on your side, they had your best interest as part of their agenda?  If the current political landscape has you shouting their praises, then by all means go ahead and Census yourself silly.  If on the other hand your wondering, why do they need to keep the information indefinately or in their language for the next four years or until it no longer is a benefit for the community to do so.  Just who exactly makes that decision, and will I be consulted as to how long that is?

This exert is from the Privacy, Confidentiality & Security page of the ABS. [http://www.abs.gov.au/websitedbs/censushome.nsf/home/privacy?opendocument&navpos=130]

There is also an expectation that the ABS should retain and use the information collected in the Census for as long as there is a benefit for the community to do so. Consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles, the information should be destroyed once this need no longer exists.

For the 2016 Census, the ABS will destroy names and addresses when there is no longer any community benefit to their retention or four years after collection (i.e. August 2020), whichever is earliest. 

It sits in my mind, what now makes it of benefit to the community to retain this information for longer than 18 months to instead 4 years, and with specific name and address information directly attached.  A little like having your vote identified as well.  This is also worded enough to be used as an argument [read loop hole] to also extend the period of holding beyond 4 years.

I for one have really had enough of political speak [read marketing to dumb down and deceive the very population it supposed to endear].

For those of you interested, below are links to some pages of articles and the ABS to assist you in deciding how you wish to engage.

Privacy ABS

Electronic Frontiers Australia Census

Need to Know Census 2016







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