Business of De Cluttering.

Let's start with the beauty of clutter.  Yes it does exist and seeing it will make it all easier to de-stress and de-clutter.  Stress is part of how clutter can be created and it is also a result.  When your trying to find the beauty, look for a simple place to start... the balancing act … Continue reading Business of De Cluttering.

Sunday Art Part II.

Admission, winter colours leave an indelible stain, it touches a part of me that is always at peace, whether in pain, calm, clear or questioning.  It is here I feel safe and can see my self clearest.  The purity of this feeling has kept me companion for decades.  Here there is no fault, simply being. … Continue reading Sunday Art Part II.

The Neutral Zone

In the video attached the lovely Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay of the Kingdom of Bhutan shares with us the beauty of this countries Carbon Neutral state, actually it's Carbon Negative.  If you saw my last business blog and watched Martin Reeves discuss immunity for the 100 year business, this is the ideology of the 100 … Continue reading The Neutral Zone

Sunday Art Part III.

Towards the end of an afternoon of painting, you know you have a little more to give in creativity, often the mood is lighter and your peace shifts to something a little more whimsical.  Throughout the last year, feathers and gold have been a major player in my mixed media bag, I adore the feeling … Continue reading Sunday Art Part III.

What Do A Clairvoyant, Enterprise and Immunity Have In Common…

The answer is business, enterprise and ability to build immunity. To add to the demonstration of my point, I have added the video below of Martin Reeves, TED talk regarding the 100 year business by building immunity.  My point though, is to address in your thinking and development for your enterprise, be it a tech … Continue reading What Do A Clairvoyant, Enterprise and Immunity Have In Common…

Sunday Art.

Sunday is the time for me, when if I'm lucky the world fades away and I quietly, so as not to wake the giants, tip toe into my studio and paint.  Firstly though, need to make a bed for my dog, it is winter after all. I pick the canvas, in this case photographic paper … Continue reading Sunday Art.

Fluoride Farce?

Let's start with which countries have already banned water fluoridation. China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Israel, Hungary and Japan, there are now a few more on this list, they are linked below. Why do we care?   Before Fluoride was considered safe as a supplement to improve tooth health, it … Continue reading Fluoride Farce?