PhotoFonty_Thu Jul 21 14:56:04 2016


Next Tuesday July 26/2016 is an auspicious date & I have some healing spaces available for you.  We are also doing a good deal 😉

Here’s the det’s…

At present we have 3 appointments available, for our special Chakra Shine treat.  Get golden with this half hour indulgence.  Ruby has 30 years experience as a healer, being at the top of her field in Energetics, she works nationally and we have her at The Revival Lounge for Tuesday.  

This treat involves, boosting your immunity, supporting your circadian rhythms, soothing and comforting the physical body, energy reset and calms the soul, reduces pms symptoms & supports optimum posture.  Working through each energy point and assessing blocks and creating soothing balance for the body to return to an improved state of equilibrium.

Normally this treatment is $165, for The Revival Lounge we are doing a winter wonderland treat of $125.   Make a booking and remind yourself of the love of feeling light & bright.

To make your booking for Tuesday July 26/2016 @ The Revival Lounge with Ruby Brown

Call 0418 988 745

or use the form here…Make Your Booking With Ruby.

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