heart light

In discussion this week is the energy of Belief and Doubt.  The versus of one and the other.  How do they impact, why and who with?

Let’s begin with all of us.  At different times and to varying degrees.  The impact often is sabotage!  When cultivating changing from doubt to belief it is important to see that you are deciding to make the shift, YOU!  All determinants come from within and are supported from the outer and external world after this.  If you are undertaking the task of shifting, have committed to the decision, take the time to be still, breath and compose.  If this is beyond you, if it is all out of control, then you may consider the gravity of why you want to shift.  What is it you are tired of?  No this is not an invitation to tell the ‘story’ again.  Contemplate, silently.  What are you tired of?  How many more loops of this can you undertake and keep going or remain in tact?  Where is this impacting others you care about?  Not their actions, yours?  

Cultivating change and shifting behaviour begins with the self.  This is what is to shift, no others, no place, time or space.  Your inner is looking to adjust, working with this inner is paramount for you to be onboard with making change.  Start here.  Do you truly want change, growth, cooperation, continuity, relief, happiness and lightness of heart?  Will you get there working the same way you are currently?  Are you there yet?

Investing in self, old, transitioning or new is an undertaking.  Stepping into it requires pro-active behaviour.  Pro-Active = of a person, policy or action…creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.  Originating in the 1930’s from PRO – denoting earlier occurrence, on the pattern of reactive.

Are you yearning for a response instead of reaction?  React = from re – expressing intense force or reversal, act – originally suggested by medieval Latin ‘react’ done again, from the verb reagere.  In modern vernacular, doing the same action over and over with the expectation/forcing of a new outcome.  When we react this is the trigger being pulled.  A shot is fired and we are of and running, out of control at the mercy often of what we know not, or so we say.  However the energetic path shows a tendril of outcomes and actions and outrage and fear, that lead to the origin point of making a very clear self determining decision with full awareness of the ball park we will end up in.  Do we care, sadly at that point no.  The die is cast and we walk forward absorbing the outcomes until we can bear no more.  Enter the heard desire for change.  Resonating yet?

Energetics, Clairvoyant, Healer, Consultant, Artist… accessing these points in people, business and environments with clear vision, understanding and assessment of harmony, discordance and remedial options.  It is a being of service to add harmony, to heal and build a world of strong soft possibilities, for us [organic beings] to thrive in.  When we look for a response, however clunky, clumsy and inarticulate, this is where we are aiming.  Befriend yourself, without harming or attempting to create doubt, accompany yourself from here.  Believe you can.  Turn the volume down on disbelief, you have it remembered.  Turn up the new program on your inner radio, BELIEVE YOU CAN.  

Here’s to living Light and Bright 🙂

Namaste Ruby.

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