Bienvenue, Welcome, Hey…

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Come on in, this is our new blog.

Over the last year, I have been working to fulfil goals for the advancement of my business and to also address the view of what a Clairvoyant is and how this can be applied.  Really these goals have been in play for longer than that, however in the last year, developing my brand, creating a web presence and breaching past thresholds has been a major part of the agenda.  

There has also been my own development personally and professionally to bring value to my growing client base, as well as product research and development, resulting in several products now perfected and rolling out to clients with happy feedback and results landing. The last two years have seen me entering an annual forecast into the mix, with accuracy being shown, enterprise answering the call for social proof and sharing relevant articles that align weeks and months after.  With events arriving at venues and with companies I have manifested, all inside of 1 year.  As I continue to turn up the volume on life success, I share to say keep going, your results are there, waiting for you to arrive and to thank you for your continued support and generosity for sharing, liking, tweeting, insta’ing and reading, enquiring, calling and booking.  Changing the way we live is part of my walk everyday, no turning back and no loss of essence.

If you have been a client for some time, years for some of you, I wish to thank you very publicly as I appreciate your support, acknowledgement and gracious presence, and I look forward to much, much more as we walk forward together.  

Stay tuned…



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