DEAR SOULS, Next Tuesday July 26/2016 is an auspicious date & I have some healing spaces available for you.  We are also doing a good deal 😉 Here's the det's... At present we have 3 appointments available, for our special Chakra Shine treat.  Get golden with this half hour indulgence.  Ruby has 30 years experience … Continue reading GET UR CHAKRA SHINE ON.


Lovely Peoples of the World, Today we are discussing EMF's, that is Electromagnetic Fields. These are microwave radiation frequencies, that pass into our bodies, when appliances like your microwave, mobile phone and wireless routers.  They can also come from smart meters, the fuse box, air conditioner units, hair dryers, electric blankets and your fridge as … Continue reading FEELING THE EMF’S.


In discussion this week is the energy of Belief and Doubt.  The versus of one and the other.  How do they impact, why and who with? Let's begin with all of us.  At different times and to varying degrees.  The impact often is sabotage!  When cultivating changing from doubt to belief it is important to … Continue reading LIGHT & BRIGHT

Bienvenue, Welcome, Hey…

  Come on in, this is our new blog. Over the last year, I have been working to fulfil goals for the advancement of my business and to also address the view of what a Clairvoyant is and how this can be applied.  Really these goals have been in play for longer than that, however … Continue reading Bienvenue, Welcome, Hey…